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Monday, December 22, 2008

Trump l'oeil

The stockings were hung by the servants with care...

The New York Post has long had a love affair with Donald Trump so it's nice this Christmas their love is multi-generational. Go read the Post's heartwarming account of how Donald Trump, Jr., a young man who fought and clawed his way to the top, and his family plan to celebrate a simple Christmas this year, free from the excesses associated with you-know-who.
[W]hile you might expect a Trump gift exchange to be a lavish, over-the-top affair, the couple insists the spread will be down-to-earth—just a few framed photos and albums for Kai's grandparents and charitable donations made in their relatives' names. "Look, I've been re-gifted presents that I've given my family," Don claims, rolling his eyes. "You know, they're like, 'Oh, great, thanks!' And then you end up getting it back the next year. It's like, 'You know I gave this to you last year, right?' And they're like, 'No, it's a different one!' "
Also nice to see young Trump and his wife engaging in sparkling repartee akin to that for which Trump père is celebrated:
"My mom made me buy CDs this weekend at Target, all of Christmas songs—Frank Sinatra, Elvis, the Chipmunks—and we have to play them on Christmas Eve," Vanessa [Trump] says. "She's like, 'If I'm going to your house, you have to make it like it is at my house.' So the pressure's on."

Don snorts. "I don't know if I'd go with that theory. She's coming to my house, she's gonna play by my freaking rules! I don't think your mom's fully experienced the Trump alpha personality yet."
Yes, just an old-fashioned Christmas for these two lovebirds, their progeny and their dogs:
"We go upstate and cut our own tree every year," Don says. "We started that tradition, even before we were married. We bring the dogs, bring a saw…"

"We also get a little tree for the dogs," Vanessa chimes in about their Havanese puppies, Fraggle and Faluffa—the latter's moniker is a reference to a nickname Vanessa and Don used for each other when they were dating.

"Yeah, we get a little tree for the dogs because we're idiots," Don adds ruefully.
Easy there, fella, don't go putting words into our mouths--we might come up with some other ones, don't you know! But not to worry: young Donald, Jr., steeped in the rich traditions of his forebears, knows it's only a matter of time before he puts aside his rebellious ways and comes back into the fold.
As for Christmases still to come, Don says they'll likely rejoin the Trump family festivities next year. "As you get older, you become your parents. When I was a kid I thought, 'I'm going to do it all differently.' Now I'm like, wait a second—I actually want to do it exactly the same."

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