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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Season's Greetings

My internet friend Robbo is proprietor of the vastly clever blog The Port Stands at Your Elbow. I heartily commend it but beware: Robbo has a serious weakness that puts a blot on his old escutcheon (as some English writer might put it) specifically, an unhealthy fancy for the alleged paintings of the so-called "Pre-Raphaelites" ("greenery-yallery, Grosvenor Gallery," as another English writer might put it).

Well, he's at it again (albeit only in passing, on a different matter) and rather than take him to task in the combox (an exercise in futility, as I have learned to my bitter disappointment) and knowing he, for whatever reasons, is a regular visitor to this blog, I will merely post the image you see below and hope and pray it might have both the salutary and shock effect of curing good Robbo of his tragic affliction.

Feel better, sir.

Returning Home from the Mall

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