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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rudy Clarifies His Stance on Abortion

Via Scrappleface:

(2007-05-10) - Rudy Giuliani this week plans to come out of the closet as the first openly pro-choice presidential candidate among leading Republicans, boldly making the case to conservatives that abortion “may be the GOP’s most effective electoral tool,” according to campaign insiders.

“Abortion disproportionately kills off blacks, the poor and those who live in metropolitan areas that are traditional Democrat strongholds,” said an unnamed Giuliani campaign source. “While pro-life Republicans hate to see anyone chopped up and yanked from the womb, knowing that it affects mostly liberals may make Rudy’s pro-choice stand more palatable.”
Fresh Swiftian logic like that will certainly liven up this upcoming campaign.

(Thanks to the Instapundit)

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