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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Like I'm So Surprised . . .

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders are urging President George W. Bush and Congress to take action against global warming, declaring that the changing climate is a "moral and spiritual issue."

Why do I suspect it wouldn't be a "moral and spiritual" issue if it didn't require the capitalist United States paying a heavy penalty for her crime of economic success?


"We are mobilizing a religious force that will persuade our legislators to take immediate action to curb greenhouse gases," it says.

Ever notice how the left loves to use "military speak," i.e. "mobilize" and "force?" It's got to be their repressed envy of real army men--which brings to mind this Tom Lehrer ditty.


Top officials from several mainline Christian denominations, including . . .

Hold it, hold it. See if you can guess which denominations--c'mon try! No? Need a hint? Okay, just one: they're all hemorrhaging membership. There you go! They are

the Episcopal Church, United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, African Methodist Episcopal Church and Alliance of Baptists also signed the letter, along with leaders of regional organizations and individual churches.

You would think these church "leaders," as they survey the emptying pews, might ask themselves whether their notion of "moral and spiritual issues" was at one with their fleeing parishioners but you would be wrong. Millennium Development Goals, anyone?

(Thanks to Bro. Rob)

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