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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Trip for the Ferryman

Fr. Michael Seed, Charon of the Tiber for the quality, has done it again. This time his passenger is none other than soon-to-be Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Seed is a remarkable fellow. After a truly horrendous childhood, he got religion and later found his way to the Roman Catholic Church, becoming something of the confessor to the stars, enjoying friendships with many of Britain's elite and bringing a fair number of them into the "fullness of the faith."

Your bloviator had the pleasure of meeting Fr. Seed a number of years ago when Seed, two old friends and I had a rollicking good time tucking into a fine repast at a decent restaurant in Manhattan. I got into friendly but spirited (in more ways than one) argument with him about Anglicanism. Quite the charmer he is and a brilliant debater: I seem to recall, as we parted and I staggered home, his prediction I, too, would one day swim the Tiber.

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