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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Job Well Done

The midterm elections were the Republicans' to lose and last night they proved themselves up to the task. Good, they had it coming. It is not as if the GOP had plenty of warning either, a wide swath of respected conservative pundits have warned for many months a disaster was in the making. The countless scandals, out of control spending, waffling on Iraq and the overall smarmy hubris and deceit that has overtaken the GOP made the Democrats' victory inevitable, downright anticlimactic even (it was not a victory for the anti-war crowd, otherwise Joe Lieberman would be looking for a job this morning).

One thing we can be thankful for with the Republican loss: we will not be subjected to Democratic whinging, e.g. "What's the Matter with Kansas,� blaming the loss on the benighted American people. Even the dumbest Republican, even Denny Hastert, knows full well where the blame lies. So let these fools lick their wounds and ponder the future (can you say "Speaker Pelosi?" I like the way you say that.) As a palliative and corrective they might find it profitable to dig up their woefully unworn copies of the Contract with America from 1994, read it again and learn why they won then and lost last night. And let the purges begin.

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