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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Fun Begins

One of the songs I remember fondly from high school days, blasting out of the radio while I bopped around in my pickup truck, was the legendary Alice Cooper's "No more Mister Nice Guy" (and isn't that a fine beginning to a posting on an Anglo-Catholic's blog? Never mind the locale was Greenwich, Connecticut and the pickup truck was Japanese: I was a rebel at heart, promise!). That fine ol' bit of rock 'n' roll came flooding back to me yesterday when I read the letter fearless +Iker of Fort Worth fired off recently to +Lee of Virginia, wherein he sends his regrets he is unable to lunch today to discuss Alternative Primal Oversight. Oh, and +Duncan of Pittsburgh wouldn't be able to make it either. As a matter of fact, none of the eight bishops requesting APO would be at this meeting (it will no doubt go much smoother than the last one).

Well, huzzah, huzzah, it's about time! Our orthodox leadership, having these past 30 years being regarded and treated by the inclusive New Religionists as creatures found crawling under a rock, has finally had enough. They will no longer go along with the charade of countless meetings whose only purpose is to spoon pablum to the orthodox while giving more time to their innovative betters to plan the next innovative assault. Iker said at the end of the last go-round he was "not interested in having more meetings to plan to have more meetings" and it looks as if he meant it. Katharine Jefforts Schori has made it clear she's ready to bring out the big guns to deal with the pesky reactionaries. Bring 'em on, I say, but she's going to have to move fast. The Diocese of San Joaquin is voting this weekend to abandon the foundering ship that is the Episcopal Church. Should they do so, others are sure to follow and 815 Second Avenue will soon find itself trying to fire artillery from the bottom of the ocean.

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