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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What They Left Out

The University of Notre Dame has announced the appointment of a new member to its Board of Trustees, Roxanne M. Martino. From the press release:
Martino joined Aurora Investment Management in 1990 and now leads the Chicago firm, which manages more than $8 billion in funds of hedge funds designed to meet various investment mandates, including multi-strategy formats. She previously worked for seven years as a senior manager with Coopers & Lybrand and for more than six years at Grosvenor Capital Management, where she was a general partner.

Martino earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Notre Dame and a master’s of business administration degree from the University of Chicago. She has served as a member and chair of the advisory council for Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, is a member of the Executive Education advisory board at Notre Dame, and serves on the investment subcommittee of the board of directors of Catholic Relief Services.
Most impressive resume, wouldn't you say? Funny thing, though: despite the seemingly thorough enumeration of Ms. Martino's accomplishments in the release, the Notre Dame Board did manage to leave out one teensy-weensy detail that could possibly be of concern to Catholics: Ms. Martino's generous support, to the tune of $16,150, for the heinous feminist organization called Emily's List, which proudly proclaims its mission as "electing pro-choice Democratic women to office" (and no doubt considers Ms. Martino's appointment to the Notre Dame Board a triumph).

How much longer will the Church put up with travesties like this? And how can she reasonably expect Catholics in this country, especially those already wavering, to obey her teachings when a prestigious Catholic university rewards an enthusiastic proponent of one of the gravest violations of those teachings with a seat on its board?

Thanks to the Sycamore Trust.

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Bob said...

My guess is that Notre Dame went after the $ that a trustee like her can bring in.