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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lux et Veritas

It seems the newest member of the University of Notre Dame's Board of Directors, Roxanne M. Martino, has been an even more generous supporter of the vehemently pro-abortion group Emily's List than earlier reported. The chairman of the Notre Dame's board, Dick Notabaert, however, insists, Ms Martino, busy, busy, busy as she is, had no idea Emily's List might somehow be connected with the abortion business and simply mistook it for one of a slew of organizations she supports offering "important services and support to women." Ms Martino, Chairman Notabaert assures us, is "fully supportive of church teaching of the sanctity of life."

Click here to see the home page of Emily's List. See how long it takes you to peer through its opacity and learn their true agenda. Perhaps Ms Martino and Mr Notabaert need to get their eyes examined.