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Monday, January 11, 2010

They're Just Wild About Harry

Democrats of all colors are falling over themselves in their rush to forgive Senator Harry Reid for his patronizing description, recently revealed, of Barack Obama as "light skinned" with "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one" (Reid has since apologized, saying he could have used "a better poor choice of words," leading to risible speculation just what those better choices might have been).

Stalwarts of Democratic party leadership, from the President on down, along with such paragons of racial neutrality as the Rev'd [sic] Al Sharpton and Attorney General Holder, have assured the dim-witted Majority Leader he's okay with them; proving once again that modern Democratic pols will forgive their comrades seventy times seven just about any sin, so long as their commitment to the articles of their faith: abortion, globalism and redistributionism, remain firm.

Reid will probably thus survive, at least until November, when his Nebraska Nevada (oops!) constituents, who seem to be growing increasingly weary of him, turn him out of office; or, more likely, he choses not to run.

UPDATE: Instapundit posts an offensive language flow chart (click to enlarge):

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