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Friday, January 08, 2010

Dashed Dreams

D.B. Grady in the Atlantic:
After the attack, President Obama remained in Hawaii and enjoyed a Christmas vacation on the golf course. After the attack, National Counterterrorism Center director Michael Leiter took a six-day skiing holiday. After the attack, CIA director Leon Panetta remained in beautiful Monterey, California. The nation, the administration claims, can be governed from afar, and that's probably true. But when terrorists attempt a major strike on U.S. soil, isn't it a good idea to have someone in the White House situation room above the rank of janitor?

Read it all. My only disagreement with Grady's assessment is that the janitor would do a better job. When Barack Obama declared his candidacy three years ago the economy was still roaring and domestic terrorism seemed to be on the wane. With socialistic globalist sugarplums dancing in his head, it must have seemed to him all he must do was elbow George Bush out of the Oval Office, breezily enact his Utopian schemes then bask in the adoring thanks of a grateful world.

Unfortunately, by the time he moved into the White House ugly reality had protruded; which has not only revealed Barack Obama for the foolish dreamer he is but also as an extraordinarily little man, flailing about piteously while wrestling with events utterly beyond his control. How disappointing for him. God, he must hate this job.

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