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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sometimes the Facts Alone are Enough

My loyal legion of fans (now almost numbering in the middle-single digits!) have taken me to task for not having a go this past week at the calamity unfolding in Albany, NY, where Republicans in the New York State Senate (whose loathsomeness is only exceed by that of their Democratic counterparts) recently engineered a coup, regaining control of that body after losing it in the last election. The matter is still far from settled, in fact it borders on the chaotic, and the only positive development so far is all legislation in Albany has come to a screeching halt. God can be funny that way.

Much as I should love to add my own special insights to the Albany charade, I am at a loss for the facts cannot be improved upon. Furthermore, those facts are already ably reported by Frederic U. Dicker, Albany beat reporter for the New York Post and one of the best political reporters in the country; were he to work for a newspaper to which the Pulitzer Prize committee were more kindly disposed, he would have long ago won a prize. Fortunately for the rest of us, Dicker doesn't seem to care; he loves his job and seems content to stay with it.

While Mr. Dicker is a thorough professional and takes his work with the utmost seriousness, his bosses down in New York City have an agreeably sophomoric side to them (this is the Post, after all) and it is they no doubt who a couple of days ago sent a clown to the Albany Senate Chamber to add color, tone and visual commentary to the circus atmosphere already prevailing. The clown (wearing blue polka dots and yellow) is seen below standing next to a New York State Senator.

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