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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Best Take Yet on Our President Fr. Binks (Anglican), a Canadian who takes no prisoners.
Obama is–essentially–a high-school jock cool-kid. Alpha-male head of the clique. If you’re his friend, you rate, you socially exist, you’re cool– if not? You just don’t exist, except as a tool, an object of fun, or a nobody to be nice to when the mood strikes. The Republicans? The formerly cool kids. Critics of Obama, whatever stripe? The nerds, to be mercilessly crushed, mocked, even beaten up if necessary.

Obama does not act like a man almost 50 years old, nor entirely as an adult. He wants what he wants, now. Teen impulsiveness, knowitallism, infinite confidence, and consequence-free. Obama is 17, and America? Why, it’s his high-school.
Read it all and also take in the best compilation out there of good ol' right-wing thought.

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