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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steady as She Goes

The Episcopal Church steams full speed ahead on her course to Universalism.
Northern Michigan Bishop Nominee Has Background in Buddhism

The Diocese of Northern Michigan is set to elect as its bishop a priest who once received “lay ordination” in Buddhism. On Jan. 23, a diocesan search committee announced that a single candidate had been put forward to stand for election as bishop at the diocese’s special electing convention Feb. 21 at St. Stephen’s Church, Escanaba.

In recent years, he also was a practicing Buddhist, according to the former Bishop of Northern Michigan...

If Fr. Thew Forrester was an Episcopalian-Zen Buddhist, and if he was elected by the special convention as bishop, objections to his being seated in the House of Bishops would be raised, according to one senior diocesan bishop. That bishop said he hoped the House of Bishops was “still sufficiently faithful to recognize the total self-contradiction this would involve and deny consent” (emphasis added).
You gotta feel for that poor bishop. I wonder if he'll notice the bergs surrounding him before it's too late.

(Thanks to Stand Firm)

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