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Monday, January 12, 2009

Diseases of the Rich

Only in societies as privileged as ours does one find people living at such remove from day-to-day worries over their survival they can spew forth mind-numbing drivel like the following.
My understanding of reproduction is that it is the basis of the institutions of marriage and family, and those two provide the moorings to the structure of gender and sexual oppression. Family is the social institution that ensures unpaid reproductive and domestic labour, and is concerned with initiating a new generation into the gendered (as I analyzed here) and classed social set-up. Not only that, families prevent money the flow of money from the rich to the poor: wealth accumulates in a few hands to be squandered on and bequeathed to the next generation, and that makes families as economic units selfishly pursue their own interests and become especially prone to consumerism.

So it makes sense to say that if the world has to change, reproduction has to go.
Marxism and feminism are afflictions of the upper-middle class; the poor and the working class have shown us for many years they are largely immune to them. If the recession we have entered turns out to be as severe as predicted, those privileged souls with the time on their hands to churn out twaddle like the above may actually be forced to go out and get real jobs, their grant money having run out or their 501(c)(3) or (4) non-profit employers having gone belly-up. Perhaps, then, we'll see a decrease in their torpid offerings, a minor blessing in difficult times.

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