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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Class, the Sunday School Lesson for Today is...

Irony and its successful employment.

From the Bulletin of the Church of Our Saviour, New York, NY:


Governor Spitzer has proposed legislation which would establish abortion as a "fundamental right" in the State of New York. Our state has the highest abortion rate in the nation. Governor Spitzer, as Attorney General, consistently tried to limit or close agencies promoting adoption instead of abortion and teaching chastity in the schools. The Governor’s proposal would also endanger the liberty of the Church, for it would force Catholic hospitals, social service agencies, and even schools to cooperate in abortion and other objectionable practices at the risk of losing their state-issued licenses. Please contact your state legislators about this proposed legislation. The Governor and the Cardinal were scheduled to meet about this matter on March 10 but the meeting was cancelled because at that hour the Governor had to address the press about matters concerning his personal conduct (emphasis added). The legislation still is being considered. Information on what you can do is available on the New York State Catholic Conference website,

Extra credit question:

Explore and discuss causality between the matter that preoccupied the Governor and the matter the Cardinal had hoped to discuss with him.

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