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Monday, July 30, 2007

Motu Perpetuo

Matthew at Shrine of the Holy Whapping has posted a series of neologisms; egregious puns using the word "Motu" (as in Motu Proprio). My favorite is "Motumouth" which he defines as an "elderly priest who can still do Low Mass in ten minutes flat, with a homily thrown in as a bonus." Ba-DUM-bum!

It brings to mind Hilaire Belloc who insisted Low Mass could be celebrated in that short time (no doubt true when done in Latin). Belloc attended Mass daily, often painfully hungover, and staggering into church could be heard to mutter, "Oh, what we must endure for our holy religion." If the unfortunate priest celebrating Mass that morning proved to be a laggard and went over the prescribed ten minutes, Belloc would ostentatiously stand up, pull his watch from his pocket and stare at the dial.

(Thanks to William Bryk and the New York Press).

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