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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Policy Change

Maybe it was the story about the woman priest who claims to be a Muslim, too; maybe it was the HOB spitting in the faces of +Cantuar and the African primates last March; maybe it's whenever Katharine Jefferts Schori, alas, opens her mouth. Maybe it is fatigue from thirty years of usurpation of the traditional church by revisionists but whatever the cause, the effect is I am finding it increasingly difficult these days to write about ECUSA , it's just not fun anymore. And while the present management's interpretation of Christianity is wildly at odds with mine and other traditionalists, I must also be realistic and recognize ECUSA is now mostly owned and operated by the revisionists thus is theirs to do with as they see fit.

I think it would be wise for all Episcopalians of a traditionalist bent to concede the Church is not going to change its present course, even if that leads to its eventual demise: the revisionists have too much ideological capital invested to consider veering even slightly from the present route. Therefore, those of us who cannot in good conscience accompany the revisionists on their present path must chose a different one, apart from ECUSA . Personally, I cannot state for certain where next my Christian journey will take me (who can?) but can aver it seems highly unlikely come next Easter I will still be Episcopalian, or even an Anglican, perhaps. There is no room anymore for the traditionalist in ECUSA and the sooner traditionalists accept that painful fact and move on, the better it will be, for both sides.

A principal benefit going separate ways, I think, should be possibility of genuine reconciliation between the warring factions. Those traditional parishes wishing to remain Anglican but not Episcopalian and desiring to keep the properties they've held for generations should by all means fight the good fight. However, should they lose in the courts, they should remember they are Christians, be mindful of their rhetoric and cheerfully hand over the keys to their victors and forgive them. Those on the revisionist side would also be wise to tone down the verbiage: flinging words like "racist," "hateful," "homophobic" etc. in your opponents faces accomplishes nothing, neither persuading them the rightness of your cause nor bringing them back into your churches. And should the revisionists lose a property fight they, too, should hand over the keys and forgive. Everyone should agree a church with parishioners, even those who worship differently from you, presents a far more pleasing prospect than a church turned into a disco.

So I don't think there will be much more bloviation in this space concerning ECUSA, except as it pertains to me personally in my journey, should that be of any interest. There are other subjects to write upon and I intend to do so. I thank those of you who have been kind enough to read this silly blog thus far and hope you will continue to do so. I also hope you will feel perfectly free to tear your Bloviator to shreds should you feel sufficiently outraged by his opinions. God bless.

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