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Friday, April 27, 2007

Newman's Own?

The worthy WannabeNewbie Anglican alerts us to an extraordinary comment on Fr. Dan Martin's blog, Confessions of a Carioca by someone who calls himself, encouragingly, Invicta Veritas. In it is a plausible hypothesis Anglo-Catholic bishops in ECUSA are on the verge of leading their flocks out of ECUSA, possibly to Rome; just rumors but Veritas writes with the air and confidence of someone who has well-placed connections. Particularly interesting is a meeting that took place last September between Archbishop Myers of the RC Diocese of Newark (he is also "Ecclesiastical Delegate" for the Anglican Use!) and the Anglo-Catholic Bishops Ackerman, Iker, Schofield and the recently poped +Herzog. Veritas provides some amazing details and it is well worth reading the whole thing. We must remember these are indeed mere rumors, they could well be spun from whole cloth, but should they be true there may be some remarkable developments in the near future.

I wonder if the bishops have concluded "Anglo-Catholic" is oxymoronic: that you can be one or the other but not both without making fatal compromises. John Henry Newman made that realization and took the swim 162 years years ago. There has been a fairly steady flow of Anglicans following him to Rome ever since. Will our Anglo-Catholic bishops cause the flow to become a torrent?

Reading about these rumors I must confess to the guilty and wicked pleasure of picturing Katharine Jefforts Schori, sitting at her polished desk in 850 Second Avenue, churning out yet another dreary propaganda piece for the United Nations while at the same time her Anglo-Catholic colleagues surreptitiously plan the spiritual equivalent of the Dunkirk evacuation. I know, it's impossible, just the product of a fervid imagination. Still . . .

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