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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

He Who Watches over Israel will Neither Slumber nor Sleep

Last week, a young student, totally insane but nevertheless free to roam a college campus because authorities lacked the legal means lock him up, blew away thirty-two of his classmates. The reaction from liberal idiotarians has been the usual call for sacking the Second Amendment, ignoring the fact Virginia Tech was already a "gun-free zone." It was a policy, as it turns out, that was almost a brilliant success: only one student on the huge campus was carrying heat that morning. No one among the intellectual elite in the academy or at the New York Times dared consider instead of stripping the Second Amendment rights of all citizens, curtailing the "rights" of the criminally insane, just a smidgen mind you, and how it might be more beneficial to society than riding herd on the Constitution.

That is not to say, however, that bold decisive action was not taken in the wake of the tragedy. A stellar example took place at (and how proud my late pappy and my grand pappy would be of their alma mater) Yale University. Let us doff our hats and stand at attention in admiration of one Betty Trachtenberg, Dean of Student Affairs, who upon hearing the horrible news from Virginia Tech, immediately banned the use of stage weapons in theatrical productions on campus. Dean Betty later eased her harsh decree by permitting the use of "obviously fake weapons," thus showing her boldness is tempered by reason. Evidently Yale takes seriously its obligation in loco parentis and young Elis must surely sleep easier at night knowing Dean Betty is watching over them.

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