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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Orthodox Spinach

An oft used argument of the revisionists when justifying and marketing their Christian worship product is the tradition of Anglican acceptance of both snake-belly low Protestantism and my beloved bowing-and-scraping Catholicism. This tradition apparently gives revisionists license for the re-interpretation of liturgy, Creeds and Scripture in order to conform with fluid contemporary mores.

Nope. The Anglican Church could, after some struggle, accommodate Catholicism because the essential elements of both Catholic (even with the missal) and Protestant Anglican worship are the same: Scripture, the Creeds and the Prayer Book. With that firm foundation a variety of religious experiences is possible without lapsing into error. Not so with the revisionists' product. With their cafeteria-style opting and declining the elements of Christianity they like and dislike, i.e. loading up on a tasty dish of forgiveness but an "oh no, not for me" rejection of repentance, they dictate the terms of their religion, customizing it to their whims and fancies. They will insist this bespoke religion is valid but it is certainly not Christianity which, unfortunately for the revisionists, must be swallowed whole, spinach and broccoli alike.

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