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Friday, March 30, 2007

His Grace is Not at Home to Visitors

I had my doubts +Cantuar would make himself available to the House of Bishops despite their pleading he meet with them, and this, from Ruth Gledhill, adds to them:

"The Archbishop of Canterbury is taking 'study leave' in June and July. August will be his usual annual holiday. Apart from the Petertide ordinations at Canterbury Cathedral, Dr Rowan Williams will be dedicating June and July to academic study and spiritual reflection. Some of the time will be spent out of the country."

I don't think the United States is in his travel plans. This is a good move, he's in effect telling the bishops, "I'm terribly sorry but I cannot help you. You'll just have to work this out for yourselves. And I am already quite familiar with your 'polity,' thank you."

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