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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Designs by Katharine

Our PB has already declared her distaste for old-fashioned "Victorian" English, insisting it drives away the young people. In that spirit, she recently took a well-deserved break from those endless meetings with the litigators, whipped out her sketch pad and dished up this divine and stunning new creation, a fresh interpretation of the tired old chasuble! Equally at home at the altar and the fifty-yard line, on priests and the pep squad, the Bovina Bloviator confidently predicts young Episcopalians throughout our land will be streaming through the red doors (after first storming Almy's) so they too can be part of the team to root for Mother Jesus--or Buddha, or Mohammad, or Shalom, or MDG--whatever floats your boat, kids!

N.B. The image above did NOT come from the ENS website. They're so prickly about people using them and there are other ways to skin a cat.


Christopher+ said...

Thou art so subtle sir!

The Bovina Bloviator said...

Ah well, Father, as I've written before, hunting squirrels with elephant guns is so much fun, albeit poor sportsmanship.