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Monday, January 22, 2007

The 815 Creed

Captain Yips Secret Journal gives us a revised Creed, claimed to be satire. Perhaps, but it proves a long-held belief of mine: That satire is best which deviates least from the truth.

I believe in God, the indulgent Parent of all of us, who cannot be put into a small box, and in Jesus, our Magic School Bus to the divine, who among others like Buddha and Mohammed and Martin Luther King gave us some good ideas about God, and the Holy Spirit, who makes me feel good about myself and affirms me in all my being.

And I believe in The Episcopal Church, inclusive, prophetic, and speaking truth to power, whose polity is mighty in the world and cannot be challenged, whose canons are wise and full of grace, whose diocesan borders cannot be crossed (unless the bishop denies Women their rightful, God-given, mandatory and unchallengeable right to Ministry, in which case we’re gunning for you), from which no parish can escape; I believe in one Baptism, after which I can do whatever I want, I believe in a Woman’s right to Control her Body, I believe that sexual orientation is genetically determined, I believe in recycling, low pollution vehicles, fair trade coffee, and I don’t give a fig for the resurrection of the dead. Shalom.

(h/t Bro. Uebbing)

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