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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Now this is low

From Instapundit:

  • 8 April 2013, 11:54

Fluffed up ferrets sold as toy poodles

Scam /YouTube
Dog lovers paid out hundreds of pounds for fashionable 'toy poodles' - only to discover they were fluffed-up ferrets on steroids. 
One pensioner was duped into buying two of the "pedigree" pets from a market in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. 
But when he took the animals to a vet for their vaccinations he was told he had bought two ferrets which are known in Argentine as 'Brazilian rats'.
It's not hard to guess the motive for this deplorable deceit.
Toy poodle puppies can cost as much as £700 while ferrets can be had for as little as £50.
Personally, I'd take a ferret anyday over toy poodle, which to my observation appear to be the pet accessory of choice among the chain-wearing set in Gotham's rougher neighborhoods.

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Inigo_Hicks said...

Not sure there's a way to prevent people who can't tell the difference between a ferret on steroids and a poodle from being swindled.