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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Besides, it's only bad when priests do it

Yet another scandal of men shagging post-pubescent boys, this one involving the producers of the BBC's "Dr. Who" television show. The comments in the Daily Mail's account of it are mostly supportive of the perpetrators. This one will blow over soon, I suspect; the miscreants are neither Catholic priests nor conservatives so the story has no legs in today's media.

The estimable Walter Russell Meade at the American Interest does some plum crazy speculating what may be the real reason behind these seemingly never-ending scandals, positing ideas that no serious modern intellectual wound entertain for a fleeting minute.
The more we hear about what was going on in the era of sexual liberation, the more the Catholic scandals look like a symptom of the times rather than a special pathology of the Church. The BBC was apparently a hotbed of abuse for underage female and male fans, and revelations about abuse in schools, the Boy Scouts, Jewish organizations and other institutions in which adults regularly interact with youth keep coming to light.
It’s almost enough to make a person think that when a society casts sexual restraint and self control to the winds, the young and the weak become victims of a culture of exploitation and gratification. It’s almost enough to make someone wonder if unbridled and socially glorified libertinism rather than celibacy is the leading cause of the sexual exploitation of minors.

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