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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My, they have some strange customs in India

From the Washington Post:

Can you guess the country where Adolf Hitler Marak is running for office (and has a shot)?

A woman registers to vote in Ribhai district of Meghalaya state. (EPA/STR)
A woman registers to vote in Ribhai district of Meghalaya state. (EPA/STR)
We won’t leave you in suspense: it’s India. More specifically, the northeastern province of Meghalaya.
Though naming your son Adolf Hitler might be considered a strident political gesture just about everywhere else, in Meghalaya it seems to be in line with regional custom. Meghalaya, which means “abode of clouds,” is famous for the practice of naming children after just about any familiar noun, from historical figures to everyday household objects. (Stigmas against Naziism and Adolf Hitler aren’t as strong in India as elsewhere, in part because the swastika is an ancient symbol there . . .
Some other names from Meghalya:

• Frankenstein Momin
• Field Marshal Mawphniang
• Wonderlyne Lapang
• Billykid Sangma
• Predecessor Rumnong
• Fairly Bert Kharrngi
• Anvil Lyngdoh
• Methodius Dkhar
• Process Sawkmie
• Bomber Singh Hyniewta
• Hopingstone Masharing
• Hilarious Dkhar and Hilarious Pohchen (no relation)
• Zenith Sangma
• Boston Marak
• Coming One Ymbon


Laurel said...

As some English scientist said, "The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

Bob the Ape said...

Oops - the preceding comment was left by me (Laurel is my Human Bride).