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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We No Like Squaw Yellow-Hair!

Via Instapundit we learn that Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democratic Party's savior of the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat from the heretical Republican usurper Scott Warren, will be giving a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention next month in North Carolina. Ms. Warren was considered a star candidate and shoo-in by the Dems until word got out she falsely claimed, for the sake of affirmative action expediency, to be 1/32 Cherokee. Her campaign took a real hit as she and her claque frantically and clumsily attempted to explain away, entirely unsuccessfully, this opportunistic stunt.

The controversy has at last died down some. Wouldn't it be droll, then, if at the Democratic convention intrepid souls managed to sneak their way into the hall just before Squaw Warren's speech and once inside, don war paint and stereotypical "Injun" duds in tackiest 1950s Hollywood B-movie western manner and run about whooping and hollering unkind words "Indian style" until ejected or arrested or both? It could prove to be the highlight of an otherwise paralyzingly dull convention and would revive the issue enough to keep it fresh though Election Day (please note your Bloviator does not advocate this or any other possibly unlawful behavior--that would violate Church teaching! He merely entertains the possibility of the event).

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The young fogey said...

Ha ha. She has it coming.