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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Thus Begins Feminism's Age of the Baroque

A stunning scholarly breakthrough from the Midlands of England:
In her paper “Intersex and Ontology, A Response to The Church, Women Bishops and Provision”, Dr Susannah Cornwall of Manchester University argues that it is not possible to know “with any certainty” that Jesus did not suffer from an intersex condition, with both male and female organs.

“There is no way of knowing for sure that Jesus did not have one of the intersex conditions which would give him a body which appeared externally to be unremarkably male, but which might nonetheless have had some “hidden” female physical features.”
Seriously, in all honesty, this can't go on much longer, can it? "Things fall apart; the center cannot hold," and all that?

With thanks to Let Nothing You Dismay.


Inigo_Hicks said...

The list of things which can't be known with certainty, already very long, is now one item longer, thanks to this learned lady.

Anonymous said...

Wow, who woulda thunk?

William Tighe said...

Occam's Razor might well lead us to the conclusion that John Allegro's view that "Jesus" was really the name of a hallucenogenic mushroom utilized by a drug cult is more likely (in the realm of mad notions) than this woman's Rube Goldberg-ish theory.