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Friday, August 19, 2011

Marching for Truth and Just Intonation

Meet the 21st Century equivalent of the folk song army: the radical harpsichordist! In Oakland, California, no less. In a venue called "Humanist Hall," no less.
La Revolution is a harpsichord recital and lecture that works to inspire the audience to take immediate action in dealing with our economic crisis and global disasters. Early music performer and political activist, Vibeka Lyman, has probed the concept of what it takes for people to act politically and after spending a year in France, she has returned with some convincing ideas. Experiencing the culture, where strikes are a regular occurrence, she came to realize that freedom to express ones emotions, including anger, is needed for people to hit the streets...

Ms. Lyman believes the theory that events that unleash emotion in society such as the grocer, Mohammed Bouazizi, in Tunisia who set himself on fire, that brought on the Egyptian revolution, are what it takes for a strike to take place. She hopes that her concert, a dynamic performance of composers: Couperin, Chambonnieres, Scarlatti, Froberger, and Johann Sebastian Bach, will create such an experience in her listeners. Vibeka has performed on the keyboard for over 30 years and has experience with learning with some of the best teachers in the Bay Area and in Paris. Baroque music has been scientifically proven to heighten creative thought in the brain, and this concert is an effort to enhance people's thinking as well as their enjoyment.
Comrades! After a well-deserved sentence to music re-education camp I now proclaim that equal temperament is the preferred, more progressive tuning system; not the regressive and counter-revolutionary just intonation system with its reactionary bourgeois pure intervals!

Thanks to the PJ Tatler.


Augustine said...

It has always struck me as funny-strange that so many creative artists are utterly lost in political group-think and in various forms of corporatism -- hardly two likely ways of enhancing creativity.

Anonymous said...

The Revolution's drumbeat will be pounded out on the harpsichord . . . Who'd of thought?

Ordinariate bound

Anonymous said...

There's something ignorant about this, using equal temperament as revolutionary includes that Occidental creation for tuning is more essential for humanity than arcaic knowledges an oriental music. Progressive is burgoise, you progress even though some people is left behind. For freedom of expression you don't need one temperament or the other, learning is not freedom of expression. Teaching equal temperament as freedom is ignorant in all senses so please mind any arguments if you don't want to compromise the problems of cultural facts.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, now i've read the title, I apologize, you're claiming for Just intonation and denouncing the fanzine. It's so stupid that it makes me furious.