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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What a Disappointment

The bishops of New York State held a private conference yesterday with New York Governor Andrew Quomo, who professes to be Catholic but also is an enthusiastic proponent of abortion (among other sins). Earlier this year Cuomo attended an inaugural mass celebrated by Bishop Hubbard of Albany who nevertheless administered Communion to him. From Hubbard one would expect nothing less, he being the exemplar of tired old post-Vatican II squishiness, but there was hope at a private face-to-face with Cuomo, Archbishop Dolan at least might have given the governor a little what for.

Not a chance. "This is probably not the best place to talk about something that pastorally sensitive," said the Archbishop. Why not? One wonders where that place might be. One also wonders how Dolan, who deserves much credit for cleaning up the mess left behind by the heinous Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee, can reconcile his aggressive pursuit of predator priests who rape vulnerable adolescents with his refusal to confront a prominent Catholic pol who endorses the murder of utterly helpless infants in the womb.

Thanks to Augustine.

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