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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Upsetting the Apple Cart

In the small-and-getting-smaller-world of Anglo-Catholicism (whence your Bloviator originates) there was a bit of a tizzy recently when word leaked out several A-C bishops had traveled to Rome and met with Vatican officials, including the Pope, allegedly, to discuss details of the Anglicanorum Ceotibus, a vehicle devised by the Vatican by which Anglicans may become Roman Catholics en masse while retaining most aspects of Anglican worship, via so-called Anglican Ordinariates. The meeting was precipitated by, among other things, the impending move by the General Synod of the Church of England to permit women bishops.

Among the Anglicans in Rome was John Broadhurst, Bishop of Fulham and chairman of Forward in Faith International, an Anglo-Catholic "support group" within the Anglican Communnion. He is not a happy camper about the leak and has expressed great concern over its consequences as well questioning the motive of whomever spilled the beans. He recently issued a statement to members of FIF in which he informed them:
I am embarrassed by the leak to the press that we had visited the Holy See. All of us have expressed an interest in the Ordinariate and so it is obviously necessary to understand exactly what is intended and how the Ordinariate will be implemented. We were certainly neither negotiating nor plotting. The leak came as a real surprise to me as it happened whilst I was abroad. As we had not informed others of our visit, who leaked it - and why - is a very serious question. It risks damage to the Church of England, and to Catholic Anglicans in particular, as well as to the forthcoming visit to the UK of the Holy Father. It also has serious ecumenical implications. To say it was malicious would seem to fit the facts.
Bishop Broadhurst maintains, sincerely I am sure, that he is still a loyal Anglican (although so did Newman up until he poped). He states further:
I have a deep love for the Church of England and its Anglo-Catholic tradition in particular. The question of how it is to continue is a serious one. Though the signs in General Synod do not look good, many still hope for proper provision in line with previously made promises. Our visit must not be allowed to colour these discussions.
The biggest obstacle facing Anglo-Catholics who wish to come over to Rome is not the Anglican Church, rather liberal Catholic bishops (whose numbers, thankfully, are also getting smaller), holdovers of the dreadful post-Vatican II reforms . They are vehemently opposed to large numbers of Anglo-Catholics becoming Roman Catholics because they will spoil everything by bringing with them tasteful liturgy and soaring music, in short, worship for grownups, which appalls the felt banners and giant puppets contingent, who earnestly believe worshipers should be treated like children. Opposition from liberal Catholic bishops is, apparently, the reason the Anglican bishops bypassed them went and straight to the Vatican, a wise move, I think. Let us pray the press leak does not force Coetibus off the rails.

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