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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fair and Balanced: We Decide

If (for some reason) you enjoy the sound of loud derisive snorting recite to any lefty the slogan of Fox News: "Fair and balanced: you decide." Today however, holding your head close to your monitor, you just might hear loud snorting emanating from those differently political. Politico reports National Public Radio is leaning heavily on political correspondent Mara Liasson to quit her other job on Fox News because of their horror at that network’s "political bias."

Although they insist it's mere co-incidence, the brass at NPR began putting pressure on Liasson about the same time the White House began its imbecilic and ill-fated "war" against Fox News. Despite Liasson's reliable progressive credentials, NPR apparently worries her just associating with Fox will sully its sterling reputation with the "public," white upper-income liberals, so they're egging her to leave.

Fox responded appropriately: “With the ratings we have, NPR should be paying us to even be mentioned on our air;” but the prize goes to former congressman Joe Scarborough who, on his program on MSNBC (which is even more biased toward the left than NPR but still able, somehow, to accommodate a paleo-conservatives like him) offered this delightfully nuanced take on NPR's ham-fisted attempt at sanitizing its staff.
Well I just want to say, I love NPR and I listen to NPR, but I’ve been listening to reformed, pot-smoking hippies for the past thirty years on NPR with a very substantial left-wing bias – and I don’t care that they eat tree bark like Euell Gibbons, and I don’t care if they are still smoking pot in their sixties. They put on great radio. But for NPR – for NPR, the leadership at NPR to question the bias of Fox News is a joke.
(Thanks to Fr. C.)

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