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Monday, August 24, 2009

Spotlight on Democracy

This past weekend your Bloviator took in the 123rd annual Delaware County Fair, something he's wanted to do for years but was unable to find the time until now. As luck would have it that very same day the New York State Legislature was holding a special session on the fairgrounds, presumably so constituents could have a close-up look at how democracy works in New York State. I managed to sneak some pictures and am pleased to share them with you.

Here we see the New York State Senate in the midst of vigorous debate over a bill under consideration. I was unable at first to learn the bill's contents but a source (who swore me to secrecy) did reveal the astonishing information it would require the imposition of higher taxes and fees from Albany.

The bill just passed! The contents are now clearly revealed and all that is needed is the signature of the Governor...

who was delayed, busy posing for a photo-op. Say "Cheese," Governor!

Nearby I ran into some of the the legislators' constituents, the good folks who year after year vote those hard-working denizens back into office.

All in all a most satisfying day seeing democracy in action.

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