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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keeping Up with the Anglicans

A recent news item:
Father Peter Kennedy, 71, is the administrator of St. Mary’s Church in South Brisbane (Australia). He has allegedly rejected the divinity of Jesus and has denied the virginity of Mary.

“Can you possibly think any individual can believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary,” the priest said, according to the Courier Mail. He claimed that the article of faith may have been credible in “the medieval times” but is not believable for modern people.
You might be thinking, there they go again, those Anglicans are really headed for the abyss, aren't they? Except those words are from a Catholic priest, not an Anglican, proving one again (as if it were needed), Holy Mother Church is as beset with heretical loons as are the Anglicans. Fr. Kennedy is also quoted as saying "he didn’t have faith in the Pope but wanted to remain an active Catholic priest."(!)

But here's the difference 'twixt Rome and Canterbury (from the same article):
Archbishop of Brisbane John A. Bathersby has urged a disobedient priest not to take members of his parish into schism, saying the separation of Christians is “contrary to all that Christ prayed for.”


In a Friday letter, Archbishop Bathersby responded to Fr. Kennedy’s Jan. 12 letter asking to meet for further discussion.

“I see no reason to do so. I have repeatedly asked for changes but you and the community have not budged an inch,” the archbishop wrote...

The archbishop said there is doubt about the validity of many baptisms performed at the parish and announced that he would name a special day at St. Stephen’s Cathedral to perform and certify baptisms for parents or adult converts who are concerned about the validity of St. Mary’s Church baptisms.

Archbishop Bathersby’s letter notified Fr. Kennedy that he will be removed as parish administrator by Saturday, Feb. 21.
That, dear friends, is why, despite her myriad woes, the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Holy Catholic Church.

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