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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Transcendent Idiocies

A cautious reminder: Those distressed over the bumper crop of idiots sprouting from the fertile grounds of the Episcopal Church and considering taking the Tiberian swim should be aware the fruited (fruity?) plains of the Holy Catholic Church can be just as fecund. Consider this item from Europe: a Dutch RC Bishop is calling upon Catholics to "use the name Allah for God to ease tensions between Muslims and Christians." The last time I checked non-Muslims still outnumbered Muslims by a considerable margin in the Netherlands and thus it seems we should be asking the Muslims to call Allah God, but hell, I'm game, let's all call Him Allah and give the fool Bishop his Nobel prize.

By the way, we’re always seeing media references to the "tensions" between Muslims and Christians. Well, perhaps but there’s a subtle yet distinct difference the form the tensions suffered by the two entities take that requires clarification: Muslims' tensions are the very real urge to murder us all, every one (including Christians). Christians' tensions are the very real fear the Muslims' urge to murder us all, every one (including Christians). There now, is that clear?

(Thanks to Bro. Rob)

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