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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Priest in Charge Doth Not a PB Make

The Presiding Bishop has issued her response to San Joaquin. Nothing terribly surprising is found it, however one sentence caused my eyebrows to shoot up.

I deeply lament the pain, confusion, and suffering visited on loyal members of the Episcopal Church within the Diocese of San Joaquin, and want them to know of my prayers and the prayers of many, many others.

In other words, that small minority in San Joaquin that remains "loyal" (sic) to the Episcopal Church commands KJS's sympathy and prayers; the others, we presume, can go to hell.

I'm beginning to think PB Schori is way out of her league. As the titular head of the Episcopal Church you think she might have made some sort of friendly gesture to the vast majority of diocesans of San Joaquin; that while expressing regret at their decision, at the same time hoping a way might yet be found to reconcile the differences between them and TEC, blah, blah, blah. Yes, it would be boilerplate, yes most of us wouldn't believe it but for all that, a few kind words would have shown a modicum of class. I wonder if she has any. Either that or she's so persuaded of the utter rightness of her New Religion that opposing views are not to be entertained in any way.

Whichever it is, this attitude of KJS may well get her into trouble. Even among her co-religionists there are bound to be differences of opinion (e.g. should reasserters be thrown off a building or crushed to death--that sort of thing) and her apparent inability to see other points of view is bound to piss people off, even, or especially, at 815 Second Avenue. Her limited pastoral experience may explain this boorish behaviour; that having been pushed up the ladder so fast and so far she never honed the diplomatic skills of the experienced rector who has to deal with difficult parishioners. I wonder if KJS's supporters at the GC '06 failed to take this lack of experience into account in their enthusiasm to elect her to to the top. They may rue that oversight. They may have already started to do so.

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