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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Whitehall: Legal Fiction: or, ECUSA's Not a Church: or, Some Thoughts on Diocesan Convention

His posting is chock full o' typos (for which he apologizes) but his argument is right on the mark: The emperor wears no clothes. Were the secular religionists at 815 Second Avenue to read it they would be terrified (they'd realize they're going to be out of a job) but they won't.


I will let you in on a secret: this is the source of all the confusion: the word "church" is used in reference to ECUSA, when its not really apt. There are different senses of the word "church." There is the thing on the corner, made of brick. There is the "Baptist Church." There is the "Church of England." There is the "Anglican Church." And there is the "One, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church." Etc. Guess which one of these the Lord was talking about when he held up "unity" as a virtue. Here's a hint. It starts with an "O" and ends in an "ne, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church."

Read it all.

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