Thursday, October 01, 2009

ACORN: Taking the Protestants Down with Them

From the American:
[T]he Presbyterian Church (USA) apparently has been giving grants to scandal-ridden ACORN for years. And it’s been engaging in some unsavory accounting practices to keep the funds flowing. Parker Williamson reports on the subject in The Presbyterian Layman, a publication of a renewal organization in this mainline Presbyterian denomination...

According to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the National Council of Churches has also worked with ACORN in the past to, um, “increase voter turnout.”
There is no cause for smugness however among Catholics: Holy Church has also been a sponsor of the thugs at ACORN in a big way. The only difference is there are enough Catholics outraged by such appalling misuse of Church funds chances are reasonably good it will be stopped...eventually.

Not so with most Protestant denominations, which have seen their membership drop precipitously as leadership becomes increasingly dominated by left-wing extremists. Many if not most of those who might be upset by their churches' support of ACORN and similar groups long ago walked away. The remaining conservatives and traditionalists are so disenfranchised there is little they can do about their churches' support of repellent organizations like ACORN other than follow the example of those who have already left; thus the downward spiral will continue.

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